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Servicing your Car

Owning a car was your dream and now you own it. Keeping your car in good condition with good care and maintenance is worthwhile, as it will be enduring your car life while uprising its financial value. Safety demands care, neglecting your car care may lead you into unforeseen troubles, take an example, god forbid but, what if something goes wrong with your tyres or brakes while you are out on the road?
Manufacturer's almanac to guide you;

Car servicing, How it goes?
Servicing of your car is set to carry out at the garage. They are the experts at your assistance who are excellent in handling diversified domains in services & repairs to the latest automotive technology for the vehicles of all makes, models and brand from checks, care, repair, to the maintenance.
Depending on the gap when the previous service was undertaken and how long your car ran on road in miles during that period you may be recommended a basic check or a more comprehensive examination.Generally, a service will cover the following areas:

Car maintenance checklist

Manufacturer's almanac is a perfect guide to car care, still, our checklist is more comprehensive and give you an easy way out from tedious worries so you follow it on your own, and if ever in doubt, a professional mechanic should be able to help.
Motor oil
Your vehicle needs motor oil, which you can buy for the garage or from any car accessory shop. Maintaining a proper level of oil is must, vary in the level can be troublesome for the car engine. It’s a good idea to check the oil regularly and always before long journeys.
Water and coolant
Coolant is a liquid that protects the radiator from freezing. The amalgamation of the right quantity of coolant and water in radiator prevents for jamming or freezing in extreme of weather conditions, like excessive of cold or overheating in hot temperatures.

Night Lights

Why not ask a friend to ensure that your car night lights are working fine. Check it all, the brake lights, fog lights, indicator all working fine and bright. Check the headlights are properly adjusted and do not cause dazzling others. A qualified mechanic can check/adjust the lights for you.


A penny saved is a penny earned, good care of your windscreen can prevent damage to your pocket in the long run.

Car Wash

Taking up car wash regularly by self helps not only to keep your car clean, bright, dirt and mud free but also helps to spot minor bumps, scrapes or rust on time.

Car Cleaning

In addition to the bodywork, it’s a good idea to keep the rest of your car clean and tidy as well.

Tool kit and in-car care essentials

Problems are never invited so, it's prudent to keep a car care essential kit along.
Car care basics

Dashboard warning lights

They are the emergency indicators and appears while one is on the drive and generally doesn't switch off even after putting down engine off. As indicator blinks it's safe to stop and seek professional assistance from a local garage.


Car insurance
Its mandate by the law and you are legally obliged to have valid car insurance and to keep your insurance details up-to-date.Purchasing a vehicle along with third party insurance is mandatory by the law. However, future renewal is taken charged and is processed by the owner itself. What we suggest to the client is to go for a comprehensive motor insurance policy as the name suggests it covers any accidental loss or damage of your vehicle, plus injury occurred to the third party person or property as well during the accident.